Community as Darkpool

Dark Pools

Dark pools are private asset exchanges designed to provide additional liquidity and anonymity for trading large blocks of securities away from the public eye. They provide pricing and cost advantages to buy-side institutions such as mutual funds, and pension funds, which claim that these benefits ultimately accrue to the retail investors who invest in these funds. However, dark pools’ lack of transparency makes them susceptible to conflicts of interest by their owners and predatory trading practices by HFT firms.

We introduce community as darkpool, a financial innovation where within group chats, members can utilize Unyfy's advanced financial tooling alongside zk-technology to facilitate partial orderbook reveal and privacy trades.

Community as Darkpool

Dark Pool Trading: Community members can engage in trading activities within a private, partially visible market, safeguarded from bad actors

Front-Running Prevention: The system inherently guards against front-running as the orderbook is not fully revealed.

Technology Integration: Utilizes the prowess of zk-technology to maintain the security and privacy of transactions.

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