Intro to Unyfy

From Trader to Consumer

With Unyfy, project founders and users can unify multiple aspects of their ecosystem right within group chats. Unyfy incorporates four critical layers - notifications, finance (encompassing darkpools, orderbook, liquidity pools, auctions, trading, staking, lending, borrowing, and referral systems), and execution (integrated with smart contract blockchains).

Up until now, open defi protocols have predominantly functioned as an infrastructure for open, unrestricted financial markets, fostering a surge in financial and trading applications. This, however, has birthed several issues within the industry: rampant pump-and-dump schemes by traders, consolidation of power in the hands of centralized entities, substantial revenue leakages due to Miner Extractable Value (MEV), a disjointed user experience given the gap between traditional and web3 identities. These prevailing market dynamics significantly hinder the potential value tokens could bring to projects and their communities, stifling the realization of a more comprehensive and engaged ecosystem.

Unyfy addresses the pervasive issues in the blockchain space through a cohesive protocol that unifies project ecosystem in any community venue.

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