Dark Pool

Manipulation resistance for small cap tokens

Dark pools in traditional finance are used for minimizing price impact. The Unyfy team sees the role of dark pools in crypto in an entirely different light. Rather than using its properties to protect institutional traders in big cap markets, we aim to protect community members in small cap markets.

The Unyfy Dark Pool is the backend infrastructure that powers the protocol. As the token becomes high volume, DeFi scavengers such as MEV and snipers will be out there, and just providing the litpool in groupchat is not going to prevent this. An elegant solution therefore is making the primary medium of token exchange a darkpool, and filter out the small orders into GroupFi.

Observers should have no bearing on the distribution of liquidity across prices. There could be large orders right above or below the mid-price with enough liquidity to absorb adversarial pump and dumps. As such, bots who attempt to manipulate the market do so at a significant risk to their treasuries.

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